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Who run the world? 

Producers (of course)

These are the freelance producers with whom we work most frequently at the moment, meaning they all pass the test of being lovely, loyal, and organized at the same time. Our preferred producers should be democratic in treating the client and the team with the same level of respect both ways, and work should never be more important than your well-being. Well-being should come partly because you love your job, though ;)


Elsa Botolfs


Elsa has worked in production for as long as we can remember and will always take the job more seriously than everybody else. In a good way. Location, casting, fixing - she is a producer-artist with multiple talents and we love to have her around on set.
(and so does the rest of the team of course)

Elsa is a problem solver and our MacGyver, meaning we often ask our selves "What would Elsa do".

If we don't know, we call her. 

Alexandra Flink



Alexandra is probably the most organized producer we know. Even in the most stressful productions she looks at you and tells you: it will be alright.
And you know what? It always will. Alex has worked a lot with film as well as fashion photo shoots with well known brands such as Intersport, Vogue & Kappahl. She, better than no one, knows how to handle the fashion world and we love her for that. For us it's always fantastic to have Alex on the project, because you know she owns the whole production process like it was her own. You can feel safe with Alex, and you want to feel safe when you are spending money on making a film.

Skärmavbild 2023-10-16 kl. 17.07.44.png

Caroline Svehn



Working with Caroline, you know you will get 100% attention from the first e-mail to the last. She has probably worked on more commercials than most producers during these last couple of years, and she still enjoys every production as if it was her first (or at least that's the impression we get). We always work with Carro when we plan to have a big shoot with lots of people cause, because we know she can handle that with her eyes closed. Always laughing and always kind,  it's a blessing to have her on your team. 

Nina Lund



Nina, who moved back from LA recently, is probably the best feature film-producer Sweden have at the moment. We are not lying. 

Ask anyone who ever worked with her.

If Nina by any chance doesn't know something, she investigates it like a detective and in two hours she've read all about it and knows the subject better than no one. She is smart, strategic and just a hell of a producer who knows storytelling way better than the rest of us as well. 

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