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We are a post production house with a lot of creative wiggle room. We aim to have a personal relationship with our clients and give every production the same amount of thought and effort regardless of prestige or budget. 

You give us your project – we work until you are happy! 

Together with our sister companies The Line Gotland and The Line North, we now also offer full scale production service in the whole Stockholm region.


So let’s work together to create projects that we both can be proud of! Commercials, feature films, documentaries - with a little THE L_INE injection, the outcome can only be more than satisfying.


Over the years, we have found exclusive and varying locations - stretching from beautiful nature reserves at the outskirts of Stockholm to the urban city.
We provide permissions for filming all over the city and more complex scenes is not a problem.


Our local production service crew has developed a broad network that allows us to provide a casting service. We have a generous database of  talents connected to the city. 


We can support you with the technology needed to produce both commercials and feature film. Our partners have cameras, lights, tracks, dolly, deckis systems, sound and can meet most technical needs. We can also offer distant monitoring via the 4G network.


Since we are locals we have a pretty good grasp of where to find the best hotels, houses and apartment arrangements. We can also organise your flights, rental cars and much more. Do not hesitate to ask us for the best and most cost effective solutions.


We are a full scale production service company in Sweden, Scandinavia with an experienced crew in all categories, whether its managing the camera, providing food or directing. If you need a crew, we know where to find it!

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